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Salt Chamber

hydrapres sa komora solna

Corrosion chamber (salt chamber for corrosion testing) - professional testing in the Hydrapres laboratory

The Mawro MS 600 salt chamber is our flagship equipment for corrosion tests, which enables precise and meticulous tests. Thanks to this advanced device, we can provide you not only with excellent quality results, but also with a professional approach to each project. Our team of experienced specialists will take care of every aspect of the examination, ensuring full accuracy and reliability.

1. Our Mawro MS 600 salt chamber is an excellent tool for testing corrosion resistance in a salt spray atmosphere. Precisely controlled conditions and completely reproducible procedures guarantee the reliability and credibility of the results.

2. Compliance with PN-EN ISO 9227:2012 standard: Our laboratory adheres to strict quality standards. Therefore, we can guarantee that our tests comply with applicable standards and meet high industry standards.

3. Experienced team: Our team of specialists has the necessary experience and knowledge to provide you with comprehensive service. We not only conduct corrosion tests, but also offer expert advice and analysis to help you understand the results and take appropriate action.

4. Individual approach: We are aware that each measurement has unique requirements. That is why we adapt our services to your needs. Regardless of the project size, we can provide a personalized approach that meets your expectations.

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