Most of the tools that we use at Hydrapres S.A. was built in our tool shop. Over the years of design and manufacturing, we have gathered vast experience that allow us to create the most advanced progressive tools. We can design and manufacture progressive dies of maximum length of 3200mm and up to 10T in weight. Our offer includes:

hydrapres sa narzędziownia tłocznik postępowy

Photo: Progressive die.

We offer production and modernization of tools such as:

  • blanking tools
  • manual dies
  • progressive dies
  • multi-operational dies
  • control gauges
  • welding gauges

The process of making tools consists of the following stages:

  • project in Solid Works (3D modeling, 2D drawings)
  • manufacturing of tool elements
  • measurement of tool elements
  • tool assembly
  • testing the tool
  • measurement of parts made during tool tests